How I mange my POD shops, Website and Social Media…..

I have five print on demand sites, a website, a blog, all the social media to go along with that…. seems like a lot of right? How do I manage it?
It started with Redbubble.
Redbubble was my first POD shop. I have been with this site for a little around three and a half years.
I wanted to build up my portfolio with this site and get the feel for how Print on Demand sites work. I did exactly that, as soon as I felt I got the hang of it and had a decent portfolio going…..
I started a Society6 shop.
Then after a while I added a Zazzle shop.
After a while, I added a Teepublic shop
My newest shop is Design By Humans.
All of my Print on Demand shops have the same bio and the same header.
“Hi! I’m Abby Juli, and I created Purelifephotoss to share my art with the world. I am a digital artist that takes inspiration from everyday life! I’m also an animal lover even creating a series to help the animals that need a second chance.
I have had my photography recognized by Canon, National Geographic and several small magazines. I have had my digital work liked by some of my favorite bands, such as Shinedown!
My website is: www.purelifephotoss.com
If you have bought something from me, please show me by using the #purelifephotoss on social media.
Thank you for looking at my work!”
Tips I use for many shops.
I built up my portfolio on Redbubble and Society6, then added them to the rest of my shops. My Teepublic shop and my Threadless shop aren’t as built up at them, but I am working on it. I try to add one or two works a day to these shops.
Each shop has the same designs, but each shop has its own market. My Redbubble shop I sell mainly cell phone cases, t-shirts, and stickers. While on Society6 I sell a lot of bedding like throw pillows, and tote bags. Teepublic I sell a lot of my t-shirts that were inspired by music. Zazzle I will get a random sale once in a while, honestly, I set this shop up then left. I focus on the shops that work.
When it’s time to add new work to all of my shops, I open up the uploader to all the sites in new tabs, adding the same titles/tags and descriptions to them. View my video on IGTV as well!
I am still creating new work, but I am also going back to edit my descriptions and tags to help improve my shops.
Every site allows a different number of tags. Redbubble allows up to 50, but I stick to 25 – 30. Society6 and Teepublic allow 15. Zazzle allows 10. Choose the most important tags for these sites.
I use a simple description describing the work. Usually one or two sentences. What is it? If it’s a complex work that has a back story, I usually write a blog post then link the blog post in the description.
Social Media
My Social Media accounts also have the same header as my shops and bio.

Unique Artwork inspired by Everyday Life👩‍💻 Art Blogger 💕 POD Artist 🐺 Animal Activist 🐱 Pet Lover 🌼 Nature PhotographerWebsite and Shops👇

I have written a blog called A Artists Guide to Social Media to share what I do, regarding my social media accounts.
I do update my social media accounts daily, usually once a day on Instagram and 4 – 8 times a day on Twitter including retweets
Kofi is not included in this guide, it is a one-time donation platform for people to help support artists if they don’t want to purchase their artwork.
Finally, my Website and blog
I just switched to WordPress.org for my site. Here are some reasons
  • Better SEO… this means more people can find my site
  • More options
  • Built-in stats
  • cheaper
As far as my blog goes, I don’t update it every day like my social media, I do try to write a new blog once a week.
Check out my blog post about moving my website from Wix to WordPress.
Managing all of these may seem impossible but break the tasks down. DON’T GET OVERWHELMED!!
  • Write a blog post early and save it as a draft, or start one then continue to work on it. Blog posts don’t have to be long.
  • Post on social media when you have a short break in your day. Plain your posts. I plan my posts. I pre-plan my Instagram posts and write the caption.
  • Focus on one shop per week. For one whole week, I will focus on just one shop, (updating tags, descriptions, titles, make sure the products look their best)
  • Keep a list of ideas for blog posts, artwork, hashtags on your phone so you always have it. (I prefer to send the lists to my self in an email.)
  • ALWAYS check for spelling and grammar errors before saving and posting. (I use an app called Grammarly to help with that, it’s a life saver!)
Thank you for reading.
-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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