Giving Tuesday…

After the biggest shopping days of the year, #GivingTuesday is here. Last year I started my Artwork for Animals Collection.
Aegis is a series of art inspired by nature and some of my favorite endangered species. This collection helps the World Wildlife Fund, this non-profit origination helps protect the future of nature.
Did you know? You can adopt one of the many endangered species. Adopt your favorite animal, here.
Aegis Collection
View the full collection here: https://www.purelifephotoss.com/blog/save-the-widlife
20% of all earnings will go to World Wildlife Fund
Adopt Don’t Shop is a series of art inspired by my love of pets. I consider my pets rescues even though they weren’t from animal shelters. My family got them from people, but they didn’t necessary have the best past. I never was a fan of people that abused animals especially if that animal was supposed to be your pet…… This collection helps the shelter pets at the Best Friends Animal Society, this non-profit organization helps cats and dogs find a good home. They also have a no-kill policy and hope to have a nationwide no-kill policy by 2025!
Did you know? About 6.5 million dogs and cats get put in shelters each year. There are many ways to help these animals, here.
Adopt. Don’t. Shop. Collection
View the full collection here: https://www.purelifephotoss.com/blog/adopt-dont-shop
20% of all earnings will go to Best Friends Animal Society
Thank you for reading. – Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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