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FREE Cell Phone Wallpaper

I see a lot of artists doing this, creating cell phone wallpapers for their fans/followers.

I cropped some of my top photos and favorite designs so people can use them as their wallpaper.

These are 100% my designs and photos, please don’t pass them off as your own or share them. Please give me credit.

To see more of my work follow me on Instagram!

Also, find these designs in my shops as t-shirts, phone cases, stickers and more! Using one of these as your background, show me!

Use the tag #purelifephotoss If you would like a specific one, let me know.

Find more wallpaper on Zedge!!! Download the free app for your mobile device and search “purelifephotoss”

Thank you for reading

-purelifephotoss (Abby)

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