Finding you “Niche”

All I ever hear about with art is finding your “niche”, find what you are good at. It could be a specific style of art of specific media. Whatever you choose…someone should be able to recognize your art and say “I know that artist”. Today I will be going through my portfolio and showing you my niche.
If you have seen my work you know I love animals. Much of my work involves animals of some kind. I even have specific works that help rescue pets or help protect wildlife.
I guess you could say animals are my “niche”, in all honesty I don’t think I have a specific “niche”.
My artwork ranges from landscape photography to digital art to abstract paintings. My portfolio is kind of random like me. It represents me! I still believe this is one thing that artists should do through their work. Tell their story. Say something about yourself. Take a look at my portfolio.
If you have ever been to my Redbubble shop, you know I have my works split up into collections.
What you can find in my shops
  • macro/landscape photography
  • digital collages featuring animals
  • digital abstract patterns
  • uplifting quotes
  • music inspired art
  • a few Holiday works
  • works to help rescue pets/wildlife
  • combination works of photos and digital elements
  • favorite paintings/prints from my art classes
All in all, I don’t have a specific “niche”…..I just do what I like. That’s the number one piece of advice I give people.

Do What You Love

Thank you for reading!
-purelifephotoss (Abby)

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