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Favorite Youtube Artists

One way to keep learning and expanding your skills as an artist is watching videos
Two places I go to Skillshare and YouTube. Primly YouTube, it’s free! Here are some of my favorite YouTube artists. These artists have amazing artwork, great tips and a loyal fan base to back up their work!
1.Kirsty Partridge Art
Kristy Partridge uses watercolor pencils and charcoal to create amazing artwork! Her YouTube channel is full of tutorials, artist tips, and hacks! I personally love her videos for Art Topics and Advice, where Kristy talks about various aspects of art while showing a time-lapse of her beautiful artwork.
2. Happy D. Artist
Happy D. uses oil paints to create magical creatures while sharing painting and illustration time lapses, tutorials, and various artist adventures on her YouTube Channel. I love her 30 Days of Art mini-series where Happy talks about various aspects of art while showing herself creating artwork.
3. Lena Danya
Lena Denya creates beautiful surreal artwork with oil paints and colored pencils. Lena’s YouTube channel is filled with painting and drawing time lapses, tutorials, art talks, and basically anything art related. I love her mini-series called Sketchbook Sunday where she shares time-lapses of drawings in her sketchbook, as well as talking about various aspects of art and the creative process.
4. Chole Rose

Chole Rose is a self-taught artist who works both traditionally and digitally. Chole also has a very successful YouTube channel that includes tips for both digital artists and traditional artists, as well as fun videos that include hacks, tutorials and reviews.

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Disclaimer: I did ask these artists for permission to use their videos! ALWAYS ASK BEFORE Using SOMEONE ELSES ARTWORK!!!
Thank you for reading!

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