General Questions

Q: Why do you have two s’s in your name?

A: I wanted to be different. Originally my name was going to be “Abbyoriginal” because my family always says “you now have an Abby original.” I knew this wasn’t going to work because I’m not the only artist named Abby.

Actually, I have a blog post all about my logo. Read it here.

Q: What dimensions do you use, so that your artwork fits all the products?

A: Actually this tip was given by one of my favorite artists, Catcoq. I resize all of my work to 10000 pixels by 10000 pixels. This size fits every design including wall tapestries and duet covers. For cell phone covers I do resize the image to 1300 pixels by 2000 pixels.

Q: What do you use on a daily basis for your artwork?

A: Easy, since much of my work is digital, I use Corel Paintshop Pro X8. For my photography, I use my Canon Rebel DSLR T6i.  All work is done on my Lenovo Flex 5. (I absolutely love this laptop!) See more of my creative tools here. 

Q: How did you learn to create the art that you do?

A: I am a self-taught artist. I took my first Adobe Photoshop course in my sophomore year of High School, the rest was pretty much history. I learned that I could use technology to make my art look like something. 90% of my work is digital done on various mobile apps and Corel Paintshop Pro. 

Q: How did you gather such a large social media following?

A: I use all available hashtags so my work can be found. Instagram allows 30, Twitter allows a 150 character limit, Facebook allows as many as you need. Much of my following is organic, meaning all of my followers have found me. Instagram is my favorite social media platform! As of right now, I have just under 1,800 followers. I primarily use my Facebook page for sharing my artwork with my friends and family, but I do participate in multiple Facebook groups for sharing art.

Q: Why don’t you have a way to subscribe to your blog?

A: I chose not to have a subscription button on my blog for a few reasons. I share the post to my followers on my social media accounts including instagram, twitter and pinterest. No worries, if you don’t like social media, you can visit my website for new blog updates. I write new blog posts every Wednesday

Q: Can I share your work on social media? 

A: Like the photo, comment on it, repost/retweet/share my artwork with credit! This is one of the best ways to show your support for my art, its free too!

Collaborations and Custom Work

Q: I have an idea, Can you help?

A: Of Course! Send me your idea through the contact page, it can be an image or a little-bulleted list (Must haves). No details required, just the basics. Commission rates may vary.  

Q: What about Collaborations?

Collaborations welcome. Another thing I ask, Please give me credit for my work! Read this blog about the process. 

Q: I love your photos! Do you do weddings and other events? 

A: I have in the past but for family, I prefer to do my own thing with regarding my art.

Shopping (Woocommerce and Print on demand)

Q: Your shop page is confusing. Why do your products go to third party sites?

A: Each item on my shop page goes to the print on demand shop that the product can be found on. I have four print on demand shops. Read this blog post if you are unsure of PODS.

Q: What Size Should I Get?

A: All size guides can be found in the product pages for my Woocommerce shop. All size guides can be found in the description of the print on demand site you are on.

Q: Do you accept returns? 

Yes, I do accept returns, except in many cases you will have to contact the print on demand company through their support page if you have any issues with your purchase. In most cases, you will get to keep your current purchase while they send you the current product free of charge. I can not be responsible if your order takes longer than the shipping time or gets lost in transit. If you feel something is incorrect with your purchase please contact the company right away!

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