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Email Marketing with Mailer Lite

I have avoided this for years…. even opting for modern email marketing with a chatbot using Manychat.

Well, no one subscribed to my chatbot, and 2020 is here. Its time.

I finally have an email list! After asking for advice and Pinterest hunting about email marketing, I signed up for Mailer Lite.

Even with it being 2020, it doesn’t look like email is going anywhere.

Benefits of email marketing in this modern world

  • You will reach those who avoid social media like the plague… believe it or not those people do exist.
  • If you are on social media, you will have an email address anyway because you need it to sign up.
  • Builds brand credibility, recognition, and authority
  • Boots sales and website traffic

I created a landing page to collect emails.

With a landing page, it has its own URL, so I don’t have to put the form on my site.

I created a picture with a discount offer and added it to my home page with the URL. When you click on the image you will be taken to my landing page.

I also have my email sign-ups in the sidebar of my shop page as well as my blog page. One offers a discount for my shop while the other offers blog updates.

I have created images to act as buttons, so when you click them they go to my landing page to collect your email.

*** Always have your email list in multiple places on your website.

What you will get out of my emails…

  • Welcome series introducing my brand with a welcome discount for my shop (Always offer some sort of incentive for your subscribers)
  • Blog updates
  • Abandoned cart updates
  • Sale updates in my shops
  • Each time someone purchases something from my e-commerce shop, they will get a thank-you email with a promo code that can be used the next time they purchase something in my shop.
  • Each time someone purchases a donation card from my e-commerce shop they will also get a thank-you email.

Always send a thank-you email, this helps build your credibility as a brand and your customers will be more likely to purchase something from you again.

I have my emails personalized too! Each email you will get will feature your name, thanks to a variable in Mailer lite!

I use the Mailerlite-Woocomerce plugin to sync my Woocomerce products with my Mailer lite emails.

Mailer Lite is so easy to use! I love the drag and drop feature. You can have up to 1,000 subscribers for free, RSS feed integration, e-commerce integration and more!

You do have to approve your account before you can publish any of your forms/emails/landing pages and have double opt-in on your forms!

Upon approval, you will be access to all the premium features for 14 days then you will have to upgrade your plan. But the free plan will do.

You do also have to add your services via the Mailerlite dashboard to use the plugins for WordPress or WooCommerce.

I would recommend using the double-opt-in to prevent spammers. Spammers and bots won’t check the box on your subscribe form.

I have also added the same privacy policy on the bottom of my forms that is on my website.

This process is quite easy though and customer support is very helpful.

Thank you for reading!

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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