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Dandilions and Crows/ Wheatfeild of Crows

During my art history class I was introduced to the painting Wheatfield of Crows by Vincent Van Gogh.
Wheatfield of Crows was painted in 1980 with oil paints. This painting was believed to be his last painting before he committed suicide.
“They are endless wheatfields under a cloudy sky, and I have not hesitated to attempt to express sadness and the deepest loneliness” – Vincent Van Gogh
This painting inspired this work I call “Dandelions and Crows”.
I started with this picture I took of dandelions in the spring.
I took a happier more modern take. And of course chose photography as a media rather than oil paint.
I used a app called Pixlr to add pink bokeh and added flying crows.
-Abby (purelifephotoss)
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