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How Creative Are You?

Creative people often look at the world very different….they enjoy the small achievements and look for the finest details that many overlook. They think outside the box, rather than being rational, they over look the easy answer. They are dreamers!

Creative people do what they want in life. They are independent thinkers and watch the world around them looking for inspiration!

Learn the Rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist. – Pablo Picasso

I have heard people say, why be an artist? I can use my art to speak for me. With the wheels in my head always in motion, or it seems that way, I always have an idea.

I use my digital pieces as a way to get my ideas and thoughts on paper. Finding inspiration in literally anything.

While for my photography, I tend to go on really long walks, and clear my mind. I find the smallest details and capture them. For some of my macro photos, I have had people ask me “how did you spot that”?…..easy I look for the small things that many walk past. I choose to enjoy them. Sometimes on these walks, my dog will come with me, sometimes it’s nice to have a buddy.

Creative people…… Find Inspiration from anything

  • Daydream/ loose track of time
  • Watch the world go around them
  • They fail and don’t give up……this should apply to everyone but especially artists. If an artist gets told their work is no good, they WILL try again, just to get it right.
  • Follow their dreams/passion – my family is good at doing this, they tell me to get a real job because they can’t accept the fact that I’m an artist. Ever heard of the term “starving artist”, yes we don’t make a lot of money at first, but we keep going.
  • Artists are their own worst critic – Guilty, I do this all the time. I create something then say “I hate it”
  • Creative people are often independent and get bored very easily.

Here are some more ways creative people think differently….. http://justsomething.co/22-things-creative-people-do-differently-than-the-rest/

I also have a Pinterest board realted to this topic here

-purelifephotoss (Abby)

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