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I have gotten a few questions about how I create my art. I am a self taught artist who has alot of free time. I spent it scrolling through Pinterest looking for new ideas/tips, watching online videos on how to improve my process.
Today I will provide those resources and materials for you.
List one is where I find my images, brushes and fonts.
1) DaFont – I use Dafont to get my fonts.
2) Myphotoshopbrushes – My Photoshop Brushes is a site where you can download a variety of photoshop brushes.
3. Brushezzy – Another site for downloading photoshop brushes.
4) Google Images – Google isn’t the most reliable source to find .PNG’s but I always start here then go from there. Once I find one, I click the image to take me to the site where the image is found. One of those site is I use that site a lot! There are tons of sites where you can have unlimited .PNG and image files for a small monthly fee.
List two are the programs and apps that I use.
1) Corel Paintshop Pro – Corel Paintshop Pro is a photoshop alternative. I prefer it because you don’t have to have a subscription for it and you don’t have to pay monthly for it. I feel like its easier to use than Photoshop as well. Of course if you use to Photoshop then, there will be a learning curve. Lucky for you, their website has a ton of tutorial videos.
2) Corel Draw – Corel Draw is an Adobe Illustrator alternative. I prefer it because you don’t have to have a subscription for it and you don’t have to pay monthly for it. I use this for bringing Paintshop raster files to vectors.
Most of the apps I use are free downloads that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store as well as Apples’ App store.
3) Picsart – PicsArt is honestly my go to app when I’m on the go and don’t have my computer. There is so much that can be done with this app. This app offers tons of stickers, fonts, and filters that can be used to make your images better. I use this app to create collages for promo ads as well!
4) Pixlr – Pixlr is a photo editing app like pics art but has filters that Picsart doesn’t.
Note: You will have to contact the authors of the images/fonts/brushes for commercial use if you plan on using them in work you plan on selling. ALWAYS give the original author credit. Don’t steal.
Most of the time I try to find free .PNG through Google.
Thank you for reading, now you have the basic resources to be creative!

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