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Controversial Art – Gun Control

Art is supposed to get people talking… this one definitely will.

I try to avoid political designs at all costs. I feel strongly about this though, with the topic of controversy…


The design speaks for itself. An orange gun symbol with the words “#Enough Idiots. It’s not the guns fault. “

Orange is the color for anyone who has been affected by mass shootings. The color orange represents the value of human life.

Mass shootings are happening more and more and it is so sad that we have to fear going out in public! You shouldn’t have to fear that your life could be over just because you went to class or went to a concert.

The number of mass shootings is scary! 283 since the start of 2019, 22 of those being school shootings!

It’s not the guns fault! A gun is an inanimate object. Shooting is an action and can’t be completed without someone to complete the task.

DON’T BLAME THE GUN!!! It didn’t do anything.

In reality, we all deal with bullies and violence, buts its how the individual chooses to deal with it.

It’s also sad that many of these mass shootings are in fact intended but not by terrorists but people with mental illness and pure hate.

The individuals that commit these crimes have some sort of motive, more than likely they are suffering in silence. As an advocate of mental illness as well, we need to focus on this as well! As a nation, mental health isn’t talked about until someone famous commits suicide.

But are we really stigmatizing the mentally ill?

YES! Not every person diagnosed with a mental illness has the urge to complete a mass shooting…

Many of these shooters did, in fact, have something wrong with their head. Did you know that it is easier to get a gun than it is to get mental health care?!?

Look at the past behaviors of the shooter, this can help predict the future.

CBS This Morning, February 23, 2018

Of course, there are other motives such as having a past with violence and other motives (pure hate).

Another reason I have always thought is that these people are attention-seeking, the wrong kind of attention… or they could possibly be reaching out for help

Should violent video games be banned also as a result?

No. It’s not the video games fault either! Should teens with a mental health disorder being playing these games? No, not really. That’s the parent’s fault for buying their teen the game in the first place. Kids need to realize the difference between a video game and reality!

You get shot in a video game or shoot something else, it respawns. In real life, you do the same thing, your dead! There is no respawning in real life. Kids who play these games think it’s fun. Yes, it might be until they want to be the hero in the game or want to play the game in the real world…..

We do need tougher gun laws, the same gun laws in all 50 states. We need to make people more aware of the mental health crisis, how many people suffer in silence, and we need to teach people how to recognize the signs.

Thank you for reading. Share your thoughts in the comments.

-Abby (Purelifephotoss)

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