Other Media I have Used

Other media I have used, Acrylic paint, watercolor paint, printmaking ink, and more!

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    Lion King Art Seris

    Disney’s The Lion King, has always been one of my favorite movies. These mutated Simba shapes stated during my Printmaking class. Eventually working their way in to other media like acrylic paint. Simba had always been one of my favorite characters of the movies. The Lion King is getting a remake, this upcoming year! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, find it here. The trailer gave me some ideas for new artworks! Remember when Simba puts his paw in Mufasa’s. Here is the scene. I paired it with the quote “Remember who You are” Find that scene here. Both scenes have important in the movie, representing Simba and Mufasa’s…

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    Painting with my Cat

    Best Friends Animal Society did a series of paintings with a pig, a cat and a dog. See the video and article here. The first painting is done by a dog named Bamboozie and the second painting is done by a cat named Benny. Art is therapeutic to every species, it doesn’t matter if you have paws or hands. My pets always want to help me with my art when I don’t want their help. When I tried this with one of my cats, She wanted nothing to do with it. I put the paint on the paper then covered it with a plastic bag so she didn’t get paint…

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    Into In the next few posts, I thought would talk about the different types art that I have done. I have practiced with two types of printmaking while in school. Screen Printing and Printmaking. The Differences Screen printing: Screen printing involves making one or more masks – called screens although they are usually fabric like silk looking like fine window screen – and they are masks because the material is put on them to let ink through in some areas and not in others. One screen has to be made for each color. Printmaking: Print making is any of many methods of laying down ink onto paper in a high-quality way,…

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    I have also used acrylics! The majority of the class seemed to be split up into four big projects and a weekly sketchbook. System Painting This was panting was done on a large unstretched canvas. It took a while! Here are some photos of the process. FROM START TO FINISH For this piece, we had to create our own set of rules. This piece is called Dream Big. Final Landscape This was done a 30 by 40 stretched canvas. This painting was done in a hour and a half time limit. END RESULT I have had many compliments on this painting, my aunt compared it to a Monet. This piece…