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  • Inspiration

    Ocean Sunset Digitally

    I used to watch Bob Ross back when my family only had the few local channels. I decided I would try to recreate one of his paintings digitally… It’s a lot harder thank it looks. He makes painting look so easy….. I chose the painting Ocean Sunset (Episode 10, Season 10) Here is my version. I used the program Krita on my Microsoft Surface… I didn’t have the same brushes and I couldn’t blend the colors like Bob Ross but it came out good. Would you like to see this in my Print on Demand shops? Let me know! Thank you for reading – Abby (purelifephotoss)

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    Georgia O’Keeffe Inspired Art

    I was first shown this painting in second grade. Georgia O’Keeffe painted Deer Skull with Pedernal in 1936 with oil paints. She painted this scene many times and said this before her death. “It’s my private mountain. It belongs to me. God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it” Later on when I re discovered my love for art I used the same elements of this painting in a new way. I took this black and white photo in 2018 at a local zoo. I did this boho style digital artwork in 2018 as well. Thank you for reading -Abby (purelifephotoss)

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    Art inspired by GMW/BMW

    Another work inspired by a Disney show.   Riley Matthews learns that she got the best parts of both her parents, Cory and Topenga.   After, telling her best friend Maya a story of the other bay window. The next scene is from Boy Meets World when Riley sees her mother isn’t perfect. Here is that scene.   After seeing this, and learning that her parents aren’t perfect she repeats her mother’s words. “I don’t think I’m weird. I think I’m unique.”   I think this scene is one of my favorites. Riley learns that everyone is unique.   Kind of like my brand name. Purelifephotoss. It has two s’s…

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    Dandilions and Crows/ Wheatfeild of Crows

    During my art history class I was introduced to the painting Wheatfield of Crows by Vincent Van Gogh. Wheatfield of Crows was painted in 1980 with oil paints. This painting was believed to be his last painting before he committed suicide. “They are endless wheatfields under a cloudy sky, and I have not hesitated to attempt to express sadness and the deepest loneliness” – Vincent Van Gogh This painting inspired this work I call “Dandelions and Crows”. I started with this picture I took of dandelions in the spring. I took a happier more modern take. And of course chose photography as a media rather than oil paint. I used…

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    Retro Animal Lover

    I think that’s the one thing about my art that doesn’t really change. I am a HUGE animal lover, even creating my art for animals series. Adopt Don’t Shop Aegis Fan of the bright neon of the 80s and 90s? This one is for both pets and wildlife lovers. I used to find photos of a cat, a dog a tiger and a wolf, then I made those pictures into duotone ( a picture in two colors) color schemes. Finally I put them into a collage using Picsart. I put the photo in Corel Paintshop Pro X9, and added a grunge blob. I used this shape to get the…

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    Cat Mom Sterotype Ruined with Art

    I read a Facebook article about the benefits of being a cat lady. Often cat ladies get a bad reputation of that old lady that has tons of cats…. but owning a cat can be healthy. I have linked the article below. Cat lovers may be smarter and more sensitive Cats are good stress relievers Good for your heart Prevent loneliness Of course I knew most of this….. I have two cats. They almost always make a appearance on my Instagram on #Caturday. Here is the link to that story: Sorry I can’t come, I would rather be with my cat. Sound familiar…. A simple black cat silhouette with…

  • Inspiration,  Other Media I have Used

    Lion King Art Seris

    Disney’s The Lion King, has always been one of my favorite movies. These mutated Simba shapes stated during my Printmaking class. Eventually working their way in to other media like acrylic paint. Simba had always been one of my favorite characters of the movies. The Lion King is getting a remake, this upcoming year! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, find it here. The trailer gave me some ideas for new artworks! Remember when Simba puts his paw in Mufasa’s. Here is the scene. I paired it with the quote “Remember who You are” Find that scene here. Both scenes have important in the movie, representing Simba and Mufasa’s…

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    Giving Tuesday…

    After the biggest shopping days of the year, #GivingTuesday is here. Last year I started my Artwork for Animals Collection. Aegis is a series of art inspired by nature and some of my favorite endangered species. This collection helps the World Wildlife Fund, this non-profit origination helps protect the future of nature. Did you know? You can adopt one of the many endangered species. Adopt your favorite animal, here. Aegis Collection View the full collection here: 20% of all earnings will go to World Wildlife Fund Adopt Don’t Shop is a series of art inspired by my love of pets. I consider my pets rescues even though they weren’t…

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    Art inspired by God

    While at college I had a friend tell me “your art is inspired by God, you just don’t know it yet” I always took inspiration from whatever was around me. catchy song lyrics, movie catchphrases, symbols in books, latest trends/past trends. Literally anything could inspire my art. I just didn’t think God would be one of them….. I have created religious works in the past. Still thought nothing of it. This is one of the first ones…. later on I created a few more. Still though nothing of…. Till one day when I was talking to that same friend. I knew I wanted to create a design with her interests.…

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    Belive in Magic Seris

    I did this series a while ago, Inspired by my love of Disney movies. I know what you are going to ask, how are they not copyrighted and remain in your shop. Easy, I take the theme of the movie, main characters, a symbol or something as little as line from the movie and put my spin on it. With these I used the main animals from the movies. This series is called “Believe in Magic” Alice in Wonderland – I used the white rabbit (mad hatter), the cat (Cheshire cat) and the mouse (dormouse) Bambi – A fawn (Bambi), Rabbit (Thumper), Skunk (Flower) The Jungle Book – Painter (Bagheera),…