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    First Website Feature

    I am very happy to announce that my website has been featured on the website This website was created by Jane Holloway, a fellow print on demand site owner. Jane owns multiple Redbubble shops and started this website that is all about Print on Demand sites from the basics, to what sites to use, to tips on finding success! This site is packed with information. Find my website in the section called People in PODS, where you can find other artists/pod owners who blog about their experiences with these sites. I have learned a lot since starting my journey with Print on Demand sites since late 2016, wow its…

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    Art Fido Feature

    If you aren’t familiar with Art Fido, its a website for artists. Artist publish blog posts and hope to get their work featured by one of the best art websites….they also have a big following. So getting work featured by this site is a big deal! I was lucky enough to have a some of my digital art featured and my photography featured. See the full article here: See full article here: Thank you Artfido for the feature. -Purelifephotoss (Abby)

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    First Art Shows

    ​Several Showings at Local College – I have had several small showings of my photography and digital artwork on display for the summer of 2017 at Cayuga Community College, in Auburn N.Y. While attending Cayuga Community College, I had a digital piece called, Spring Deco on display during the Spring 2017 SOMA showcase with a theme of Spring. I had a few pieces on Display during the Fall 2016 SOMA showcase with the theme of  Wind, Moon, and Harvest

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    CNY Central Feature

    Memorial Day 2017 – On May 29th, 2017, I submitted one of our photos to CNYCenteral on their Facebook page. To my surprise Meteorologist, Mike Brookins reached out to me and told me that he wanted to show it on the eleven o clock news on CBS5! I call this photo, His Solute. Just gods way of saying that he is proud of America! His way of remember those who gave their lives and fought for our country. For America to truly be the home of free and the brave. Share in suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. – Timothy 2:3 -purelifephotoss(Abby)

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    Town Support

    Since of my photos made the news on CNY Central at 11, I have been working with the Town of Nile’s to help them update the pictures on their website as well as some of the pictures on the wall. See some of the pictures that will be on display soon here. About a year later, Ocotber 2018, I finally can say I have my photos decorateing the walls of the local town hall. I have also participated in the Town Community Days at a local business many times. There is uselessly one during the summer and one before the holidays sometimes. As well as showing off my digital work,…

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    National Geographic Feature

    I first stated uploading my best pictures to National Geographic shortly after I heard that they have competitions for local photographers who are trying to get recognized. After looking though the site I learned that this could be HUGE for me as a artist. Turns out National Geographic has a spot in their magazine called “Your Shot”, if your images gets picked it will get published in one of the most recognized magazines. Find my profile here. So far I have had two photos recognized on Facebook……The first was the Supermoon after it had just risen on 12/4/17 and the second was a photo that I had taken in Florida.…

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    Life in the Finger Lakes Feature

    One day in November of 2017, my dad showed me a page in the magazine he was reading. “I wonder what people get to have their pictures published in a magazine.” The magazine was called Life on the Finger Lakes. It’s a small magazine out of Geniva NY, but it’s a start. I looked into it, but realized I had missed the cut off date for submissions. I found their Facebook page and started submitting pictures their to start. It turns out they liked my pictured enough to share them on their own Facebook page. I have had a few features on their page. After having Life in the Finger…

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    City of Paws Adoption Ads

    I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and got a saw an ad that said “creative volunteers” wanted. The company was for a no kill rescue shelter for dogs in Dallas Texas. I emailed the company my portfolio, and they sent me some photos of dogs that need adoption back! They said I could put my style with the pictures and come up with a great ad. This is what I came up with. These adorable dogs are in need of a home! Contact Paws in the City for more information! Here are some more ads that I recently created. Here is the donation link: -purelifephotoss (Abby)

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    Band Approved Art

    Since my brand is growing I have noticed my following grow as well. Every artist has to start some where right. In this case I have had a few of my favorite bands approve of my art! Linkin Park Approved This tweet is now my most re-tweeted and liked tweet! Thank you Linkin Park. I dedicated this work to the bands lead singer, Chester Bennington who sadly lost his life to suicide. Papa Roach Approved here is the post. Shinedown Approved Art Here is the post. These may seem like little milestones, but they made me happy to know that famous bands approve of my work! – Purelifephotoss (Abby)