Cat Mom Sterotype Ruined with Art

I read a Facebook article about the benefits of being a cat lady. Often cat ladies get a bad reputation of that old lady that has tons of cats…. but owning a cat can be healthy. I have linked the article below.
  • Cat lovers may be smarter and more sensitive
  • Cats are good stress relievers
  • Good for your heart
  • Prevent loneliness
Of course I knew most of this….. I have two cats. They almost always make a appearance on my Instagram on #Caturday.

Sorry I can’t come, I would rather be with my cat. Sound familiar…. A simple black cat silhouette with a script font “I would rather be with my cat”.
This design is perfect for you if you love your feline friend more than anything! Also, find more cat artwork, here.
Thank you for reading!

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