Blackout Poetry

Black out Poetry is a form of poetry called Erasure.
Erasure is a form of found poetry or found object art created by erasing words from an existing text in prose or verse and framing the result on the page as a poem.
How is it done?
1. Find a book that you can use. I used a digital book, just to make it easier. I used the book Midnight Sun.
2. Preview the page and find a word that jumps out to you. The first word I highlighted was Dreams. Then I found words went with the word dream. I only ended up using the first paragraph of the page.
3. I determined the parts of the text that I would black out and the words I would leave.
” Dream a little more and love each other.”
4. I put the paragraph into Photoshop and changed the text I wanted white and left the rest black. I made the background black so the black background would hide the black text.
5. Next I added a neon dreamcatcher stamp above the word dream and a neon pink heart behind the word love. Also I added stars around the text.
6. Finally I added the tittle of the book and the page I found the except on.
This is the final piece.
Thank you for reading! Also, find some tips the creative writing board on my pinterest!
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