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Blackbird Art

This series started with the fact that both my dad and I share a love for older music. I have heard almost every Beatles song on the radio station that he listens to except for one. Blackbird. One day, I asked him if he has ever heard the song on the radio, no he said. He was curious how I was familiar with the song. He told me it was one of their less popular songs.
It all started with a book that I was reading. The book was called Sometimes Never by Cheryl McIntyre. The main charterer of the book, Hope loves the song because of her mom. I felt like I could relate to Hope in a way, we are both social outcasts.
Anyway back to my story of how my dad and share the love for the song. Now every time it comes on and I am with him, he turns the volume up and smiles. Knowing that he can share the love of older music with me.
I have quite a few artworks in various medias that include the song Blackbird by the Beatles.
It all started with this digital work I did in high school. (2015)
During my two – dimensional design class, their was a assignment to pick a song a respond to it. (2015) – Media: India ink, acrylic paint
This was a sketchbook that I did for the same assignment.
During my painting class, I also had the same assignment. Respond to your favorite song.
Now my blackbird collection includes this modern take on the classic song. Find Blackbird Doodles in my shops!
This little bird is quite popular in my Redbubble shop. I made $4 in stickers from this guy. I even have this is a baseball tee for myself, see it here.
Thanks for reading!
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