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Belive in Magic Seris

I did this series a while ago, Inspired by my love of Disney movies.
I know what you are going to ask, how are they not copyrighted and remain in your shop. Easy, I take the theme of the movie, main characters, a symbol or something as little as line from the movie and put my spin on it. With these I used the main animals from the movies.
This series is called “Believe in Magic”
Alice in Wonderland – I used the white rabbit (mad hatter), the cat (Cheshire cat) and the mouse (dormouse)

Bambi – A fawn (Bambi), Rabbit (Thumper), Skunk (Flower)

The Jungle Book – Painter (Bagheera), Black Bear (Baloo), Wolf (Akela), Tiger (Shere Khan)

– Abby (purelifephotoss)

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