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Be Apart of the Change with Purelifephotoss!

I have always been an animal lover, often joking “I like animals more than people.”  I knew I wanted to help animals in some way, before discovering art, I thought about being a vet or a zookeeper… Now I am an artists and I can help the animals by donating to these amazing NGO’s that help them. If we don’t start protecting Earth’s wonders, they will be gone for good! 

I found my passion for supporting mental health during college, I am still working on it too. Learning to love myself fully. I believe that we all suffer from a mental illness in someway, and we all have those inner voices that we can’t shut up. 

About the Causes

Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society started with a group of people that loved their pets so much as if they were part of the family. Their current mission is to have no kill policy by 2025 where no animal gets euthanized.

Did you know 1.5 million shelter pets get euthanized each year!

Word Wildlife Fund

Word Wild Fund protects the beautiful landscapes such as the arctic and the endeared species that many take advantage of. Their mission is to conserve and protect Earth's wonders.

Did you know 70% of the world species are endangered?

320 Changes Directions

320 Changes Directions was created to help change the stigma around mental health and wellness. Their mission is to allow people to see mental illness as the same as physical health and to know the five signs of those who are suffering from a mental illness.

Did you know 130 people take their lives each day?

Be Apart of the Change with Purelifephotoss

Find these works on a variety of products from my print on demand sites such as appeal, stickers, art prints, cell phone cases and more!

Since I’m an artist working with print on demand companies, my income varies. I donate to these NGOs because I want to help better the world. I only donate at the holidays to these NGOs. I add up all the total earnings of that collection/work and donate 10 – 20% to those NGOs. Even then it’s not that much, every little helps. I am a proud supporter of all of these NGOs’s. 

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Other Ways to Support

Make a donation via Paypal and leave me a message of what NGO you would like your money to go to.