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Be Apart of the Change with Purelifephotoss

In a Facebook group that I am a part of all the members were given the challenge to come up with one idea or many ideas for artwork that gives back and helps promote awareness for a cause that is special to you…

Be a Part of the Change with Purelifephotoss was born!

I have always been an animal lover, often joking “I like animals more than people.”  I knew I wanted to help animals in some way, before discovering art, I thought about being a vet or a zookeeper…

I created two series to help animals.

  • One to help the wildlife and all the wonderful species that are endangered.
  • One to help cats and dogs in shelters.

The animals that need it!

*I will donate 20% of all earnings from the Adopt. Don’t. Shop. Series to the shelter pets at Best Friends Animal Society and 20% of all earnings from the Aegis series to the World Wildlife Fund for the holidays.

Aegis & Adopt Don’t Shop

Blogs about these works: Save the Wildlife, Adopt a Shelter Pet

Full Collection: Adopt Don’t Shop Collection & Aegis Collection

I found my passion for supporting mental health during college, I am still working on it too. Learning to love myself fully. I believe that we all suffer from a mental illness in some way, and we all have those inner voices that we can’t shut up. 

Mental health & Positive Vibes

Blogs about these works: Art Therapy, Mental Health Stickers, Well I Do, Mental Health Awareness Collection

Full Collection: Mental Health Awareness Collection

The Non-Profits I Support include…

The Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society is a non-profit no-kill shelter that rescues dogs and cats. Best Friends started in 1993 and hope to have no-kill shelters worldwide by 2025. They promote pet adoption as well!

I created my Adopt. Don’t. Shop. series to help the and dogs that deserve a second chance at life. I could go on forever about this topic. It really makes me angry that people think it’s okay to abuse pets. They are a part of the family as soon as you adopt them! Do you think it’s okay to abuse a family member? No, then don’t abuse pets! Seeing many stories on the news about pets that get left behind to die or get beaten because their owners thought it was okay…  All of my pets were rescues, not from shelters but situations that weren’t that great.

Did you realize 1.5 million shelter cats and dogs are euthanized each year??? This heartbreaking!

Learn more about Best Friends Animal Society on their website.

The World Wildlife Center

The Word Wildlife Center protects nature’s wonders such as the landscapes of the world like the jungles and the arctic. They also protect endeared species such as tigers, bald eagles, monarch butterflies, giant pandas and more! Together we can make the world a better place for all living things including ourselves!

My Aegis series has the same reasoning, animals don’t have a voice to speak up. Many beautiful creatures are on the endangered species list that shouldn’t be. They are on that list because of humans! Humans destroy their homes. Nature does have a voice but you have to listen. If you listen you will know that some of nature’s wonders are slowly dying.

Did you know 26,500 of the world’s species are endangered??? This is also heartbreaking!

Learn more about the World Wildlife Fund on their website.

320 Changes Directions

320 Changes Directions was created to change the stigma around mental illness and wellness. 320 aims to help people learn the five signs of mental illness and to teach that mental health is the same as physical health.

My artworks for mental health and positive thinking finally has its own dedicated series. I created them to help end the stigma around mental health disorders. Everyone deals with anxiety or depression on some level. Most just ignore it, but some of us can’t! Mental health isn’t even talked about until someone famous commits suicide. When in reality 123 people take their lives every day!

Learn more on 320 Changes Directions website

How does the process work?

Its quite simple, since I only donate during the holidays, I go through all the sales I have made that past year and find the products in the collections. I then add up all of those sales and take 10 – 20% of that total. This number is what I donate to the organizations.

These are only part of the sales but this is generally what it looks like.

  • Purple = Adopt Don’t Shop
  • Orange = Aegis

Total Collection Earnings x 10%-20% = the amount that gets donated.

The amount will vary depending on what products are sold.

Why do I only donate during the holidays?

Easy! It’s the holidays, the shelter pets and wildlife need to know that someone cares too! The holidays are the perfect time to donate to charity too!

I choose to donate to these non-profits because they mean something to me and I can help! Even with my art and donating a small percentage at the holidays means so much to them!

Why Do I support three non-profits but only donate to two?

I donate to the shelter pets at Best Friends Animal Society and the endangered species at the World Wildlife Fund because these animals need help and deserve a second chance. We as humans are directly responsible for what is happening to them, whether it’s mistreating them or destroying their homes for our benefits. We are a HUGE part of the problem, but we can fix it!

I chose to not donate to 320 Change Directions, hoping that bringing awareness to mental health and helping to end the stigma around. We all deal with it in some way! All I ask is to continue to help raise awareness for mental health and make a pledge that you know the 5 signs of mental health. I believe a lot of the issues surrounding mental health can be fixed first by simply talking about it.

Thank you for reading!


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