What is #Artvsartist?

The hashtag #ArtvsArtist is once again trending on social media.
What is it? Basically, it’s a grid of nine photos, eight of your favorite works that you are proud to show off, and they represent you! The ninth photo is a photo of yourself. Its “mini-portfolio”. Like I have said many times art is an extension of you. It shows what you are passionate about, your feelings, your thoughts that are better represented through art than words.
This is mine.….
Showing off some of my photography, favorite digital artworks that I have currently done, some Society6 and Redbubble products. Also, featuring my t-shirt from Teepublic and my website critic. Yours supposed to have a photo of your self in the middle, but I used my logo.
In mine, I share my love of writing, my love of music, my love of animals and nature …. and of course I had to include my cat. I often say she is my website assistant.
Some favorites that I have been sharing on my social media since Monday…. I love how many great artists can get discovered with this trend. Some of these artists I have been a fan of for a while, others I just started following their artist journey.
If you would like to follow any of these artists, I have linked their Instagram to their grid. Click on the photo to take you to the #artvsartist post….
All artists need support no matter their following, sharing is caring….. I created it, now what… SHARE IT! Make sure to tag it, #artvsartist
Thank you for reading.

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