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My Favorite Artists

If you follow me on Instagram I will occasionally do a #followfriday post, a collage filled with favorite artists. When I first started do these I did one for photography that stuck out and a separate one artists. This last one I combined both artists and photographers. I made the decision harder….
For this post I will share some of the artists. These artists have AMAZING art work! I find myself likeing thier photos every time they post (almost). They are worth shareing in a blog post too!
1) CatCoq: She knows I’m a fan though, even calling me her biggest fan in one of her reply’s!
Anyway Cat’s work is know for vibrent watercolors and vector illustations inspired by her travels around the world. Cat’s work is fun and sophicticated, varying from insperational quotes, to florals, to animals, even food.

2) Karencantuq: Karen throws all her emotions and thoughts into her work. She creates amazing digital collages with Adobe Photoshop using various animals and elements of nature. Karen’s art is done with her work done with her dog, Lilly by her side.

3) Floartstudio: Floartstudio uses bold color palettes and brush strokes to create amazing portraits of animals. Using both traditional paint and digital paint brushes to creates dynamic paintings. If you enjoy her work and want a unique portrait of your pet, send her a photo!

4) Brizbazaar: Brandi’s art is bold, fun and gives psychedelic vibes. Brandi uses a variety of art supplies such as watercolor paint, colored pencils, and watercolor pens to create her work with tons of little details. Bradi’s work provides a tribal vibe as well as featuring subjects such as the tree of life, halsmn hand, trippy quotes, and ying-yang signs. Brandi has a few animals in her collection too.

5) thelatestkatie: Katie combines motivation quotes, cute animals and bright colors to help both herself and others cope with mental health issues. Katie’s work is fun and full of hope! A great daily reminder to keep going on with your life.

6) Scandy_girl: Jonna uses watercolor paint to create stunning images of wildlife with her fantasy style. Jonna paintings have realistic look then surrounds them natural elements with a magical vibe.

Check out these amazing artists! My next post will feature some of the photographers that same effect. I find myself liking or commenting on every post. Find that post here.
After a while, there will be a part 2 to this post……. Find that post here.
Thank you for reading!
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