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My Favorite Artists Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of Artists Worth Sharing. Another round of artists that have amazing artwork and deserve more love. Since the first post was 1 – 6, this one will be 7 – 10. What artists made the cut for 1 – 6, here is the post. I have linked the all of the artists Instagram accounts, in case you want to follow their art journey.
7) @Anishacreations – Ana creates adorable cartoons, mainly cute critters, and funny puns. Ana also creates cute animations from those doodles. All with the help from her cat.
8) @julieerindesigns – Julie creates quick doodles and specializes in her detailed mandalas. Her mandalas seem to appear in much of her work. Everything from simple gradients, to patterns. Even incorporating her mandalas into photographs from her travels! She is a cat lover as well, calling her cat her design assistant.
9) @nemimakeit_designs – Noemi Fadda says it started with watercolor portraits, later moving towards iconic movie characters and cute tee designs with funny puns. Her dog is her muse, even inspiring a few of her artworks. Noemi takes inspiration from everyday life.
10) @belettelepink – Belette Le Pink draws and paints animals to show their beauty. Not only does she create for her, but she also creates for the animals. Belette has select artworks where she donates portions of the earnings to select organizations that help animals, such as the Alianza Gato Andino (AGA), among others.
Disclaimer – All of these artists are amazing and the order doesn’t matter. ALWAYS ASK BEFORE USING SOMEONE ELSE’S ARTWORK!
Honestly, there are so many amazing artists on Instagram that deserve to be noticed…. these are just a few of my favorites.
Thank you for reading!
-Purelifephotoss (Abby)
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