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Artists Guide to Social Media

Truth be told I’m not a social person but the one thing I have learned from sharing my artwork with the world is that if I believe in my art others will to.
My art accounts don’t have a huge following but I have learned some tips since I started my brand a few years ago.
Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are my go to accounts.
My Instagram isn’t exactly organized but I share what I like. I share a variety of products from my shops, current projects as well throwback art projects.
I use the daily hashtags in my posts, such as #catuday and #wisdomwensday.
Other things you can find on my Insta are cute pictures of my pets, works in progress (close-ups and screenshots of my work on screen) and recent sales. Every time I buy something new from my store or even if its from another artist, I post it and tag the artist.
I post once a day and share a collage of recent sales on Sunday.
See full blog post about Instagram here.
I use my twitter to provide direct links to recently sold products, share sales, the latest blog posts, and recent posts from my insta or recent photos I share on my Nat Geo profile.
I post a few times a day to promote my blog, site and shops. Every time I make a sale I post it and thank the person.
These tips apply to both Instagram and Twitter
Use relevant hashtags, trending hashtags or a combination of both (Instagram allows 30 hashtags, while Twitter has 150 charter limits, so you will have to be careful)
This might sound like a no brainier, but BE SOCIAL! Comment on works you like. Follow artists that inspire you or have a similar taste in art as you.
Social media bios are short. Give details of what you do, some of your interests and of course don’t forget your website/shop links. I created my own linktree with WordPress and have it as the link for all my social accounts. See that page here, I used the plug-in Elementor to create this page.
My bio on all of my social media
Lastly I use pinterest for inspiration. I also pin a few products on my boards a few times a day as well as other artwork that I like. Again I pin a few times a day. A few products from Redbubble, Society6 and my other shops. Pin that links to my blog. And fun inspiration like cool typography, tattoo inspired, cool photography, other tips.
Beware of ghost followers. What is a Ghost Follower?? They will follow you just to increase your numbers. Good right? No. They follow you but they don’t actually interact with your posts. No likes, no comments. So they are basically useless until they decide to unfollow you. I block these accounts. A good way to tell if they are a ghost account is that their profile is empty. The left their bio blank, there are no posts, and they have zero followers but a huger amount of people that they follow.
Other ways you could make a sale is to leave your shop link on Redbubble/Society6 product hauls/reviews.
Your art tells your story or something about you. Your social media account for your art should too. Be yourself. Let your followers get to know you. Start a conversation with them, like their art work.
One more thing, if you really want tips/advice from some top artists or artists that you admire, send them a message through Twitter or Instagram. Even send them an email. I always start of by saying that I am a huge fan of their artwork then I ask the questions. They will be happy to see the complement and to have a new fan.
I hope these tips help. Thank you for reading

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