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Artist Resources

Recently I have been getting a few questions about my process, and how I create my artwork. I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to sharing what I have learned since starting my artistic journey. Find tips on print on demand sites, marketing, blogging, social media, my art process and more in these posts.

Curious about the tools and programs I use to create my artwork and run my website, find them here.

Disclaimer: I am no means an expert but I do enjoy sharing what I have learned since starting my art career! 

Why having a Multilingual Ecommerce Website Matters?

I never really thought of having a multilingual website or having different currencies on my website until I started my ...
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Why you need a Artist Website?

While in college, I had a professor say that an artist's website is a must. You need an amazing website ...
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Email Marketing with Mailer Lite

I have avoided this for years.... even opting for modern email marketing with a chatbot using Manychat. Well, no one ...
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Instagram for Artists: What you Should Know!

As you know I am an Instagram addict. Even writing a few blogs about my favorite social network. Instagram AddictInstagram ...
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Why I Don’t Promote Every Single Sale on my Shops?

As a POD artist, you will have to promote your products in order to get them sold. Obviously. I'm a ...
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Society6 Curator Review

Did you know you can make money by just sharing art? With the Society6 Curator program, you can! How does ...
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Print on Demand with Printful and WooCommerce

I have started learning something new! Creating a Print on Demand shop integrated into my website with Printful What is ...
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Ways to Make Money as an Artist

You're an artist! Great.... now what? Start selling it. I did much research before starting I even considered the idea ...
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Redbubble Brandbassador Review

I'm now a Redbubble Brand Ambassador. What does this mean? Using the Brandbassador app I can complete missions provided by ...
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Modern Email Marketing – Useing ManyChat

Every blogger says you need some sort of email marketing system. I subscribe to so many email lists from my ...
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How To Protect Your Art Online

Your artist, but your afraid to put your work online or on social media because of art thieves right? If ...
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A new way to share!

With other social media's having faults, I decided to create a new Pinterest Board for artists and Print on Demand ...
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