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In this post, I will go through every step of my digital process of my latest work. From where I find inspiration and ideas to the upload process on my shops…
I’m one of those people that prefers to work with music in the background, a lot of the times I will be looking for ideas on Pinterest or simply walking through the stores looking at the new trends. Even ideas come from other artists……
This idea came from Daughtry’s new song Just Found Heaven and recent work on of my favorite artists did. Artist Catcoq recently did a typography work that read “Not Today Satan”, I thought that was so cute.
Inspiration has struck! Now what?? For this work, I found one of my pictures and edited it the mobile app Pixlar.

I have the main image done… Next, I sent the image to myself and put it in Corel Paintshop Pro… I create the base image, in this case, it’s a heart with devil horns and a tail. I don’t draw often but when I do I keep it simple.

Base Image is done now its time to find the perfect font.

Draft one is done. I continue to edit until I’m happy with the final image.
After a few more revisions I have the final image.
I save the file as Paintshop file so edits can be made, a .PNG file so the image can be put on t-shirts and a .JPEG image. Files dimensions are a height of 9000 pixels by appropriate width.
Thank you for reading,
-Purelifephotoss (Abby)


Abby Juli is a self titled creative rebel and creator of the brand Purelifephotoss. Abby is an advocate for animals and mental health awareness. Find her digital artwork and photography in multiple print on demand shops on a variety of products.


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