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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a way of self-expression, a way to let your feelings out in a creative way. It doesn’t matter how it is done of what the final product is. The final piece doesn’t have to be anything. It doesn’t have to look like something. It does have to have meaning. It does have to get a feeling out of the artists and its creator.

“Art is therapeutic to me, I create when my feelings need to be let out.” – Abby Juli

One hundred percent true! My art is quite random, kind of like a digital scrapbook….every time I create a new work, you will learn something new about me. Even if you have to search the work for the real meaning. Some of my works have many meanings, just find the one that you feel fits.

During high school, it was writing that helped me get my emotions on paper, now its art. I can zone out for hours and forget what ever was on my mind. I can put those feelings on paper…. or in my case on screen.

Everyone deals with anxiety at some point in their life. Being creative is how I escape my mind, how I get away from the world for a while.

I created this image recently after the mental health crisis seems to be happening more and more. The blue and purple palette are the colors of suicide awareness. The butterfly represents hope. The semi colons are a symbol of suicide; meaning that you may think your life has stopped at the moment and there is no other option. You can get through it. Of course the motivational words at the bottom Keep Fighting.

Many people ignore these issues because they think they are invisible. A person dealing with this is dealing with their own personal problems, their mind often tells them lies. They are fighting with the thoughts that they know are true and the lies. The lies often over power the truth. I hear this all the time too, suicide is selfish….no it isn’t. You think it is because you don’t understand. People dealing with these thoughts are battling with their own personal demons that tell them “you’re no good”, “you can’t do it”…. the feeling of self-doubt is the worst. Your demons may take over, you may be battling with your thoughts. But self care is important!

I have a series of motivational quotes. Find them here.

Remember you are unique, in your own way! There is only one you, no one can take that way. Don’t change for anyone.

If you feel the need to change for them, they aren’t worth your time. You are special! “Be Your Own Kind Of Unique” Be creative!

Be unique! Love yourself! #mentalhealthmatters

There are many types of art and many medias to try, find one for you!

Digital art is my way… Other artworks related to anxiety and mental heath here.

Still, curious? Here is some more info on Art Therapy Also, check out my Pinterest board for Art Therapy

Thank you for reading!


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