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Animal Mandala’s

This series was inspired by the Mandala trend that I seem to be seeing everywhere. These mandalas were .psd brushes. I hope to draw some by hand soon.

Solar Wolf Mandala was done on the day of the Solar Eclipse.

Safari Giraffe Mandala was inspired by the giraffe that I got to feed at a local zoo.

The king Mandala is a combination of the King of the Jungle and the King of Rock and Roll.

The autumn fox has a background of a photo of a meadow that I took a few weeks ago.

The chilly polar bear has a background of a photo of a close up of snowflakes I took last winter.

An autumn squirrel, a Golden Lab puppy for the Holidays ( because they seem to be on everyone’s minds), a mandala with a husky reflecting on his ancestor the wolf.

My latest animal mandala is an Easter bunny with some eggs and spring flowers.

I will be doing a few more pieces for this series.

Let me know what animals you would like to see! In the mean time find these pieces on my Society6 and Redbubble!

Thank you for reading! -purelifephotoss(Abby)

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