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This baseball tee from my Redubble shop has one of my most popular designs on it called Blackbird Doodles.

I’m Abby Juli, and I created Purelifephotoss to share my art with the world. I am a digital artist and photographer that takes inspiration from everyday life! I’m also an animal lover, even creating a series to help the animals that need a second chance. I have also created a series to help promote self care and to help end the stigma with mental health.

It seems like I have always had this creativity inside of me, but I became aware of it during high school. I started writing, eventually discovering my love for Photoshop, I combined the two into digital collages.

I call myself a creative artist because I don’t have a specific “niche” or a specific time frame when things happen. All I hear is that as artists; you need these things. I’m an artist and I don’t. You could say I’m a creative rebel. I prefer to do my own thing with my art, preferably with no limit. When inspiration hits, that’s when I create!

I find inspiration in almost everything

From song lyrics to shopping…. the inspiration is always there. It just has to find me.

I have had my photography on the local news, mentioned by Life in the Finger Lakes , and National Geographic . Some of my favorite bands have approved of my art on social media ! I have shared my design skills to help shelter dogs find a home.

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“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.” ​― Charles Horton Cooley

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