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This baseball tee from my Redubble shop has one of my most popular designs on it called Blackbird Doodles.

The Artist Behind Purelifephotoss....

I’m Abby Juli, and I am a self titled creative rebel. I use my digital art and photography to share my thoughts on the wold around me. I take inspiration from everyday life including my favorite media, current trends and more!

I call myself a creative rebel because I don’t have a specific “niche” or a specific time frame when things happen. I prefer to do my own thing with my art, preferably with no limit. When inspiration hits, that’s when I create. I want to show artists that it is okay not to have a niche. 

It seems like I have always had this creativity inside me, but I became aware of it during high school. I started writing, eventually discovering my love for Photoshop, I combined the two into digital collages.

Want to Learn  More About me As an Artist? I have a new category on my blog so you can!  

About My Brand in 30 Seconds

A short video created with Moshow showing some digital artwork I created, some products that I have recently sold in my print on demand shops and some products I have bought from my own print on demand shops.

I believe....

  • You do not need a specific “niche” to be a successful artist.
  • If you are passionate about something then you have a “niche”
  • Inspiration is all around us, from nature, to current trends, to popular media…..

A few of my passions include animals, mental heath awareness and music. I create art inspired by all of these topics…. I would say that 80% of my portfolio is work inspired by these themes. 

I have other work in my portfolio as well, check them out in my portfolio. Looking to see the story behind a specific artwork, check out the Inspiration behind the Artwork section of my blog.

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If you have a passion then you have a nice. - Abby

WWF-Australia has so far committed more than $1.1 million for immediate wildlife rescue, care and recovery with @RSPCAQld one of the first recipients ... because of an influx of animals like Maryanne 👇

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.”
- Charles Horton Cooley