A new way to share!

With other social media’s having faults, I decided to create a new Pinterest Board for artists and Print on Demand Owners to share their blog posts, products from their print on demand shops as well as share items from their favorite artists!

How many times was #facebookdown or #isntagramdown in the spotlight in the past few weeks? Even now Facebook is under fire because the social media giant could be tracking your every move! Its kinda creepy. I don’t even share much on my own Facebook account… this just gives me even more of a reason not too.

Its like Facebook is trying to become the Amazon of social media. Amazon is becoming the all in one for online shopping… now Facebook is buying other social media companies and taking owner ship for them! With Facebook’s ever facing backlash, other popular social media apps are following suit.

Bringing me to my point. Pinterest could be the future for small business owners, bloggers and creatives!

You don’t need tons of followers or any followers to start pinterest, you just need to understand how to use it properly! See my blog My Pinterest Addiction to learn some valuable tips.

If you would like to join, send me a message on Pinterest!

Enjoy and Happy Pinning!

-Abby ( Purelifephotoss)

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