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I was asked if I knew about these sites where artists bid on jobs.
These sites include 99designs, Freelance, Upwork…… Yes I have heard of them. I did create a 99designs account and put all my time into it for about two and a half weeks. I know I should have put more time into it, if I wanted it to work out. Honestly I didn’t want it to. With sites like these, you find a project that you like and read the required prompts such as colors, subject, type face and how the client wants the image to look.
I only worked on a few projects. I was proud of them, even adding them to my portfolio with in the site to see if it would get my level increased from Entry.
All in all, I still have my profile up but I want people to find my work and commission me for work because they like my work, not because I signed up for a website and bid on a project. I might have been proud of these designs but the clients weren’t. No hard feelings though, its part of being a artist. Not everyone likes your work. If you want to start your freelance art career on these sites, I would say DONT! Its a waste of time. Put your time into creating what you like and actually building your brand.
That’s was my experience and why I chose to stop using freelancing sites. I will keep my profile up and running just to keep an eye on the projects. If one pops up that I like I will consider it. I wont be putting all my time into it though. I would rather use print on demand websites. I actually have several shops.
If your curious if I have ever had a client, Yes. I wrote a blog post about that commission.
Thank you for reading.
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