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2019 Year in Review

2019 is over and 2020 is here… wow the year seemed to by fast…

Here is my 2019 Artist Summary. I created a collage featuring one image from every month…

Before I look forward to 2020…

A collage of my favorite photos from 2019

A collage of my favorite digital artworks I have created….

It seems like I created less artwork this year…. but this year was a big year for my website! I did create an actual series for my works inspired by Mental Health Awareness and erasing the stigma behind it.

I officially moved my website from Wix to WordPress and changed my logo. Both of these changes were much-needed!!!

My blog page is now organized and I have lots of new blog posts… including new pages where I share everything I have learned since starting my artistic journey and the tools I use to create my art.

I also recently added a shop page with actual products! Now you can shop directly on my website if you wish, thanks to Printful and Woocomerce.

I also redesigned the header in my print on demand shops and website to match the aesthetic of my website more.

Last but not least…. the most popular designs in my print on demand shops.

From right to left: Blackbird Doodles, Love of the Animals Typography, Love is a Four-Letter Word -Rose Gold and Marble, Keep Fighting Little Butterfly, Christmas Scottie Dog, Adopt Don’t Shop Typography, Hidden Anxiety, Ancestor Quilt, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Again, stickers, t-shirts, and hoodies are best-sellers in many of my shops. Thank you for all your support and purchases this past year!

I’m so excited that my; Be a Part of the Change series are so popular… these collections are important to me because I can do some good with my art! See the full collections and what NGOs they support in this blog post.

Goals met in 2019…

This year I also started keeping track of stats and sales somewhat…

2019 Earnings

  • $107.64 – RB
  • $144.40 – S6
  • $3.00 – DBH
  • $61.00 – Teepublic

Total – $316.04

So, yes! You can make money with Print on Demand…

I would say I improved from last year, considering I didn’t really keep track of anything… You might not think getting paid once or twice a month will amount, but it adds up at the end of the year!

Looking forward to 2020…

  • I still would like to get featured by one of my print on demand sites
  • Continue to create more artwork and increase my sales.
  • Continue to learn about marketing and SEO
  • Make a sale from affiliate marketing…
  • Get some bigger brands to notice my artwork/photography
  • Continue to find inspiration in everyday life
  • Show artists that it’s okay not to have a niche and you can be successful without one!
  • Continue to write weekly blog posts
  • Continue to keep track of my stats and sales…
  • Make my first dropshipping sale with my Woocommerce Shop

Thank you for Reading!


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